クラシコイタリア→ナポリスタイル→東京MIX……私のスタイル遍歴【Mr.David Diary vol.3】


Mr.Davidが英語で綴る新連載「Mr.David’s Diary」、まだまだ続きます!

MEN’S EX誌上やイベントでも長年お馴染みのお洒落モデル、Mr.Davidが、自身のスタイルの成り立ちとポイントを語る「Mr. David’s Diary」。デビッド自らのスタイル哲学、「Keep it Simple,sir」(シンプルに徹しましょう)略して「KISS」の真髄を掘り起こしていきます!


When my agency, Cinq Deux Un, scouted me and offered a contract to work in Tokyo, I jumped at the chance. I had taken a world history course in school with a section about Japan. I watched all the Akira Kurosawa films and read the Japanese classics from The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon to The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki and Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata. No amount of cultural research, however, could have prepared me for the thrill of arriving in Japan for the first time. The excitement and energy of Tokyo, with its lights, crowds, traffic, noise and sheer size borders on being overwhelming.


My pulse quickened and I marvelled at how different everything was as I gazed out the windows of the limousine bus on my way from Narita Airport to my new home in Akasaka. A sense of de’ja’ vu overcame me as I opened the door to my apartment and saw that it was the size of my freshman dorm room at the University of Wisconsin. Not to worry, I had learned to live in small spaces by keeping it simple sir.

成田空港から赤坂の新しい家までの間、リムジンバスの窓の外を眺めながら、私の心臓は高鳴り、全てが全く違うことに驚きました。アパートメントのドアを開けて、その部屋の大きさが、ウィスコンシン大学の一年生の時の寮の部屋と同じ大きさなのを見て、デジャヴュの感覚に襲われました。でも、Keep It Simple,Sir(シンプルに徹しましょう)のスタイルで、小さなスペースに住む術を学んでいたので問題ありませんでした。

The sartorial landscape of Tokyo is confusing and nearly impossible to describe to anyone who has never been here. There are style tribes that range from the absurd to the sublime. There is the ultra kitsch host tribe of Kabukicho to the sprezzatura tribe of Marunochi. There are biker tribes, surfer tribes, American trad tribes, the outdoor camper tribe and the bespoke tailoring tribe to name just a few. There is also the tribe that adheres to what is called Tokyo mix, a mishmash of styles where anything goes. It is this Tokyo mix, which at first I dismissed as a confused and misguided look, which ultimately influenced my own personal style, although in a much more understated way.


david_180416_03.jpg “Anything goes in Tokyo.”—— one example of “TOKYO MIX style”, David found a famous man in Tokyo, “Mr. Growhair”in Harajuku Station Tokyo. He works as engineer for the big company in weekday, and in weekend, he wears cute costume of high school girl. 東京MIXスタイルは、もはや何でもあり、だ。”セーラー服おじさん”の名で有名な小林さんは、普段は大手企業のエンジニアとして働いている。一方、休日になるとセーラー服で街に繰り出し、一躍東京で有名になった。彼を偶然見かけたデビッドも、「これぞTOKYO MIXだ!」と、思わず写真を撮らせてもらったとか……






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