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「スタブス アンド ウートン」の靴は、こうして誕生した

Stubbs & Wootton “Scotch and Cigar” model worn with bespoke tuxedo from Sarto Ginza at Tokyo Opera City

No other brand embodies the go-to-hell ethos quite like Stubbs & Wootton, launched in 1993 by Percy Steinhart in, where else but Palm Beach. The name is borrowed from 18th century artists, Mr. George Stubbs and Mr. John Wootton, both of whom specialized in painting scenes of gentlemanly pursuits. As elegant as they are edgy, the evening slippers are as brilliant with a tuxedo as they are with a pair of well-worn denims. The tongue-in-cheek designs are inspired by everything from history and art to beach life and college daze.


Scotch and Cigar worn with flannel chalk-stripe suit by Tom Ford at the Park Hyatt
Just as fun to wear with denims as with tuxedos and suits. The “Hydra” model worn with Ralph Lauren denims and indigo tuxedo shirt by Brunello Cucinelli

As well as making ready-to-wear luxury slippers, Stubbs & Wootton offers a bespoke service in which the client can choose the style of the slipper, the fabric and the color. The real fun begins when choosing motifs for embroidery which can be mixed and matched according to one’s fancy. The playful motifs range from animals and botanical themes to sea life and sports. There are even artists like Luke Edward Hall who contribute their own designs.

既製のラグジュアリーなスリッポンの他にも、スタブス&ウートンは、お客様がスリッポンのスタイルと生地、色を選べるビスポークのサービスも提供しています。 その面白いところは、好きな刺繍のモチーフを選び、好みに合わせて複数のモチーフを組み合わせられるところです。動物から植物、海、スポーツまで、遊び心のあるモチーフが幅広く取り揃えられています。ルーク・エドワード・ホールなどのアーティストによる、オリジナルのデザインもあります。

Stubbs & Wootton “Celebrate” model

The Stubbs & Wootton brand has gained a cult-like following from the halls of government, where Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, wore Stubbs to President Trump’s first address to Congress, to Hollywood, where celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga and Kanye West have embraced the iconic slippers.


I first became aware of Stubbs & Wootton while living in New York City. After seeing the cheeky shoes in the window of the Carlyle Hotel shop at 35 E. 76th Street, I became obsessed. I couldn’t quite afford the extravagance of the luxury slippers displayed but I could not forget the impact they had on me. Like Audrey Hepburn’s delightful Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I was drawn to that shop window where I would dream of someday owning a pair of those clever go-to-hell slippers. It’s often said that good things come to those who wait, and so after twenty years of waiting I am finally the proud owner of two pairs of these devilish slippers.Whichever pair suits your taste, they will no doubt be the most fun shoes you will ever wear.


Whichever pair suits your teste,they will no doubt be the most fun shoes you will ever wear.
“Give me a double.”

Stubbs & Wootton slippers are available in Japan at online store. In the United States please visit the Stubbs & Wootton store at the Carlyle Hotel in New York City or at the showroom in Palm Beach, Florida at 340 Worth Avenue For wholesale enquiries contact Maz Edwards  vanguard.consultants.japan@gmail.com


アメリカでは、ニューヨークのカーライルホテル内のスタブス&ウートンのショップか、フロリダ州パームビーチのショールーム(340 Worth Avenue)をぜひ訪れてください。卸に関するお問い合わせは、Maz Edwards (mvanguard.consultants.japan@gmail.com)まで。

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